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Need help with a Cover Letter?

Hey fans! I am seeing more posts for work on Upwork for help with a Cover Letter. Hiring Managers are still impressed by a well written cover letter. A Resume sent to an employer alone will not only hurt you but will not be worth your time in the long run.I can help you and custom write a winning cover letter for you today that will get your foot in the door and increase your chances of being hired.It's Christmastime so if you need to be with your family please email me for professional help.I will give new clients 10% off the total invoice just by mentioning you read this post.Season's greetings and I look forward to being of service!Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Resume Diva Donates to India

I donated to support Uplift Humanity India. You can, too. Together we can make a difference. Click here to my fans on Facebook in support of my work. I continue to do my part in making the world a better place. Every month, I will donate to a cause thru PayPal Giving Fund.Do you know of a great charity? Please email me with your suggestion and I will consider your charity for my next donation.Blessings,
Lucinda Kerrigan
Professional Resume Writer