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Resume Diva Future Uncertain

Hey to all my fans! Thank you so much for your support these past 2 years in my work as a Resume Writer. Things are uncertain right now. As I starting to pursue a career in Merchandising and Inventory work; its left me with no time to blog or advertise Resume Diva. Also without clients for two months I can not afford to keep my business going much longer.If you know anyone that needs Resume help please mention me. I will try to post a Special discount for Facebook referrals to use on my website.My toll free number is disconnected. So please call my cell number or email me to sign up for services.I prefer USA clients but will consider international if serious minded.If I can keep my website going another month with personal money that would be ideal. I am working side jobs to keep my bills paid.Again, I appreciate your continued support. Thank you and God bless you!Sincerely,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW
Ph: 618-513-0928

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