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Possibly last update on old Books and Stitches Site

New Website for Books and Stitches

Please click below for our new website for our ecommerce book based business Books and Stitches plan on buying a domain from GoDaddy tomorrow for this site. However; we can not afford Wix's ecommerce premium plan so we will have to post our PayPal me link for customers to send us the money for orders directly to us. I will try to still add a PayPal button but not sure if it will work.The site should be complete within a week. It has taken longer than I expected. Thanks for your patience and for your business! Have a great day!Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan
Company OwnerP.S. For reference here is our PayPal link for both Books and Stitches and Resume Diva. We can't get multiple links for one account. This is our original account link.

Updated Business Listing on Zalooz

Hey fans! Please click here: listing

to view my updated business listing on Zalooz. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Etsy Templates now available

Hi everyone! I am happy to announcw that Etsy templates for clients are now available. I have a new laptop (finally) so am able to use MS Word and buy templates for clients from Etsy. This gives new clients thousands of templates to choose from. Or if you have no preference, I will select one for you. I can add a picture on it too. Most of these Resume packages on Etsy include a matching cover letter. I will update the Prices list page on the Weebly site to reflect the new services now available.Also, by the end of the month I am buying a new printer so printing service and shipping service will be available for an extra charge.Right now, I only have the choice of Staples or the library to print. If you need copies printed there is an extra fee for that.I appreciate your continued support of my small business! Have a great weekend!Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Resume Diva closed next week

Hey fans and potential clients!I just wanted to let everyone know that next Monday thru Friday (February 11-February 15) I will be out of town working a store reset job during the day. If you need an appointment I can meet in the evenings only from 7pm to 9pm here at my home office. Please use my booking site at
To schedule an appointment.Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your business!Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

The New Blog site is live!

Hey fans! The new blog site is live! Here is the link:
https://resumedivacompany.usIf it doesn't work right away please try again in a little while. It may take a few days to reach out there to the whole internet universe!I am about to take a work break feeling tired after this big project today. Y'all have a great weekend!Kind Regards,

NEW Blog Site is Setup

Hey fans! I just got the new blog site setup! I am still editing but got the the new page on there connecting to the old blogger site. I may still post on here temporarily until I get everything on the new one complete 100%.The New Blog site (temporary address) is at: https://resumedivacompanyblogsite.godaddysites.comI welcome any feedback on the new site.Once again as I said earlier; I appreciate your support!Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Important Website Changes

Hey fans! It has come to my attention today that as of April 2, 2019; Google Plus and Blogger will be deleted by Google. According to Google, low user use is the reason.Here at Resume Diva, I want to preserve my company's blog site and have the old .us domain so today on Godaddy I am working on starting our new blog site.Also, we had to upgrade to G Suite with Google because of their changes so I have now bought a new domain for our main Weebly site and have a new business email account with it.Until everything is set-up please do not send me email to the new address. I am trying to setup that today along with connecting the weebly site to the new address.So to wrap-up here will be the NEW websites and emails for Resume Diva Company.Existing site: site address should still work even after connected to the new .net one, its free domain from Weebly)NEW site: https://resumedivacompany.netNEW blog site: https://resumedivacompany.usPrimary 📧 e…