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New Loyalty Program

Hey fans! I just a new Customer Loyalty program on my Resume Diva Company website https://resumedivacompany.usSign up today and get points just for signing up! Refer a friend and you will get points for that too! So the points may add up quickly. I hope you enjoy the program. I had you guys in mind. Have a great day!Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, PRW

Our Website is Back and Running

Hey fans! Great news! We are running ahead of schedule due to a fallout with GoDaddy so I called Shopify tonight and got my great old site from Shopify recovered! I will be working on adding back the customer loyalty later today and try to put my customer testimonies on there too. It feels great to be back with Shopify and since the website costs me less I already passed the savings unto you and lowered my old prices! Same great service at a lower price!Be sure to check out my two Square Up sites. One for gift cards (on sale 10% off) and the other one for an one hour Resume Consultation (includes local or phone).Be sure to let your friends know my site is back and ask them if they need their Resume madeover!I appreciate all the "likes" on Facebook and love all my fans!Have a great weekend! Happy Resume Shopping!Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, PRWP.S. I just completed an online class today in Career Development from Fullbridge Business School on This certification doesn&#…

My New Letgo Listing

Check out what I'm selling on letgo!

Been re-thinking about my process

Hey fans and clients! I hope you are all having a terrific day! It has been brought to my attention that people are calling or looking for more information on my website about my process from start to finish. I apologize for not going into great detail before and not realizing this until this week there have come up several people that did not seem happy with either the phone consultation, follow up emails and texts and a bad customer review came from a client that I had a major misunderstandings from the initial phone call after receiving her online order as got my attention and that before anyone else gets disappointed I need to resolve this issue and make sure this doesn't happen anymore.With all this thinking tonight about these issues I decided that later today I will blog the whole process and my hope and goal is to clarify the resume writing process and this will be posted on my Facebook page as well.I welcome any questions, comments, feedback, tips or suggestions from you …

Our Current Prices

Hey fans! Because of our main website being down until September 3, 2018. I am going to list here the prices. Here is the ones I am thinking right now. If I missed something please email me.1. Resume Review & Update $25
(Can include a partial rewrite)2. Basic/Entry Level Resume $253. Student Resume $254. Mid Level, Senior Level Resume $405. Executive Resume (with picture and e-folio site) $756. Cover Letters $107. Business Letters $10 per pageThis is what are the most popular items are now priced at. If you need something else done that's not listed here please me email at
Or call me at 1-800-934-4698.I look forward to helping you soon! Have a blessed day!Sincerely,
Lucinda Kerrigan
Professional Resume Writer
Carbondale, IL

We are still here

Hey fans! I am still available to do your New Resume and Cover Letter.
Since my website is down until next month please email an inquiry for prices etc.Our main email is: resumedivacompany@gmail.comThank you for choosing Resume Diva! Have a great day!Warm Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, PRW

Our Business Phone Status

Hey fans! Our phone number 1-800-934-4698 is still working and our site is up but our new prices are not showing since I couldn't afford the bill for it this month. I am considering getting a small loan. In the meantime, you can still sign up for service by phone, text, Facebook messenger, Skype and email. I check my email multiple times a day. Here is my main email address for Resume Diva Company
resumedivacompany@gmail.comMy Skype ID address is lkerriganshopper@hotmail.comThe hotmail address is mainly for my other part time job.If you need a yearly update and your a former client now is a great time because there is no wait for me to start on your project!Updates are only $10. I can send a PayPal, Shopify or Square invoice to you. All my services are PRE-PAID.Thank you for choosing Resume Diva! Have a great weekend!Warm Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan
Professional Resume Writer | CEO

Our Website is Temporarily Down

Hey fans! I am sorry to inform everyone but my website for Resume Diva will be down after August 6, 2018 until I can afford to pay it. Sales and donations are way down to nothing coming in to help me pay. Also Its a long story why this happened but let me just say I went out of town twice this week because of personal reasons so the Uber Rides added up quick. I hope to have it back up soon. I am working my Merchandising job just to be able to make ends meet this month. Food has to come first. I am still available to do Resumes just pm me here on Facebook or email me at if you want to sign up. To donate to my company to keep me helping people like you please visit my PayPal me site at you all for your support!P.S. My toll free number may be down too in a few days unless I can pay it by Thursday the 9th. I will keep everyone posted on here. Thanks!