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Today's Quora Question answered by Lucinda

Question: How do I get a job with no work history, friends or transportation?Lucinda's Answer:
I recommend work at home type jobs. Then you don't have to worry about transportation and most of those jobs don't require a resume but some may. Look on Google for entry level work at home jobs. One example is selling Avon but in that case you have to buy the starter kit to make money. There are other jobs online but be careful of scams. Virtual Assistant is another work at home job but you need a computer, fax and cell phone to do it. You could try mystery shopping if you can get to the different retail stores in your area by public transportation or by foot. Lastly, you could do babysitting or wash cars. I hope my answer helps you. Good luck on your first job!

Today's Quora Question Answered

Should anyone mention their CGPA in their resume if they have the worst result? Why should they mention it?No, I don't recommend mentioning a CGPA if it not a high grade or average one. Employers look hard at that and discriminate. Your resume would most likely get discarded or rejected. Focus on your achievements and highlight them on your resume. The more positive approach will help you to stand out from the crowd. Best wishes on your job search!Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan
Professional Resume Writer

Quora Question Answered

Question: Why are some people satusfied from work and others from things outside of work?Lucinda's answer:Maybe its the fact of personal satisfaction. If someone gets more rewards and achievements from work then at home from a disgrunted wife or family then they choose their job. If someone has intrinsic motivation from things outside of work or a more passion from hobbies then maybe those hobbies should turn into some kind of rewarding work. Life is too short to be unhappy. Positive optimism in what you do will make you live longer. Thanks for asking such a great question! I am glad I can help!

Updated Books and Stitches Website

Hey fans! I just updated our Books and Stitches main company website. It has all our links to our other sales channels websites such as Amazon and Bonanza. Thank you for supporting our business! Have a great day!

Our Letgo Services Listing

Check out what I'm giving away on letgo!

New Business Cards Have Arrived!

Hey fans! I just got my brand **NEW** Business cards today from Vistaprint! I am so excited and they look great! My picture is on it and my new email and new toll free number from GoDaddy Smartline. Also, it has my new slogan. Thank you to the really friendly bus driver at Jackson County Mass Transit for the inspiration with the word "slay". It really makes a great statement on my new cards and on my website! I hope these new cards bring in more business soon. Please share this blog post with your friends on Social Media. Have a great day!Regards,
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We just donated to a local cause

Good morning! I just donated to support Good Samaritan Carbondale. You can, too. Together we can make a difference.
Here is the link: you to our clients for making this possible. Have a great day!Sincerely,
Lucinda Kerrigan, PRW
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