Important Website Changes

Hey fans! It has come to my attention today that as of April 2, 2019; Google Plus and Blogger will be deleted by Google. According to Google, low user use is the reason.

Here at Resume Diva, I want to preserve my company's blog site and have the old .us domain so today on Godaddy I am working on starting our new blog site.

Also, we had to upgrade to G Suite with Google because of their changes so I have now bought a new domain for our main Weebly site and have a new business email account with it.

Until everything is set-up please do not send me email to the new address. I am trying to setup that today along with connecting the weebly site to the new address.

So to wrap-up here will be the NEW websites and emails for Resume Diva Company.

Existing site:

(This site address should still work even after connected to the new .net one, its free domain from Weebly)

NEW site:

NEW blog site:

Primary 📧 e-mail for Lucinda:

Other Primary email accounts:

I appreciate your support these past two years and am striving to make these important changes easier for my fans and clients.

I look forward to serving you now and for more years to come! Have a great day!

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW
Owner at Resume Diva Company
Carbondale, IL


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