Resume Diva on a personal note

Hey fans,
As some of you may know, years ago my two children were unfairly taken. I rarely blog about my personal life but I need your help now more than ever.

I started today, a petition to the Illinois Supreme Court to stop DCFS from unfairly taking children from their biological parents.

To sign my petition and read more about it here is the link:

With this said, if my kids were taken I may not have started my own business and therefore Resume Diva would not exist today.

When I get my children back, I will keep Resume Diva going just have to change the time of the day when I meet clients.

I believe years from now, my children will be proud of their "mommy" for all my hard working and providing for them and not giving up the fight for them.

Never give up hope. Hope is a good thing. Today, a big step towards a better future for my family was made.

Thanks to all of you for your years of prayers and support. God bless you!

Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan CPRW


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